Happier Hour from Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taco Bell has now introduced their “Happier Hour”. Happier Hour is 2pm to 5pm of $1 Grillers, Freezes, Sparklers, and Medium Drinks. The grillers are so good. I had one today with a Pina Colada Freeze and Cheezy Nachos. My favorite griller is the beefy nacho because it has those red Doritos and no sour cream (FYI I hate sour cream) very cheesy and very tasty. There are 3 different types of grillers: Beefy Nacho, Spicy Buffalo Chicken, and Loaded Potato. The Pina Colada was so sweet and juicy I actually didn’t know what a Pina Colada was until I tried it and said it tastes like coconut juice. The 3 types of freezes are Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade, and Mt Dew. I’ve  actually haven’t had the sparkler but they look good. There are Classic Lemonade  and a Cherry Lemonade. Finally and classic Coke is also $1.

Those are the prices I got from the website so check here for yourself.