Last Week in Va

Like I said a couple days ago yes I went to King Dominion and Historical Fredericksburg for vacation and now I’ll blog about it! P.S. SORRY I FORGOT TO UPLOAD MY KD PICS DO IT SOON.   Just a little … Continue reading

Guess where I’m going?!

Ok here’s a hint. Located in Richmond, VA and is an amusement park.

If you said Kings Dominion you were so wrong. Did I say wrong, I meant to say your are totally right!!

From KD Website

I’m going this weekend and I totally will take pics. I’ll try my best to blog, but I can’t see in the future! Also today I went to Historical Fredericksburg! So I’ll totally blog about that. Well, that was just a heads up!

King dominion has amazing thrill rides like The Anaconda, Flight of Fear and (my fave) The White Water Canyon. They also have Family Rides for the little ones including Americana and Avalanche. Book your trip today at