Hunger What? Lesson: #4

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Photo credit: life serial)

Right now I’m totally freaked out. Last night I didn’t get the chance to watch the MTV Movie Awards. :(! So I just watched the teaser trailer on YouTube and I can’t wait!!!! OMG!! These movies are going to be so good! Even though I haven’t finished the book series, (ONLY ON BOOK 1) I’m pretty sure I know whats going to happen. The exclusive first look to the movie is below and again, Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be released November 22, 2013. Also, he next “Hunger What?” will be the fifth and final Hunger Games blog I may do more in the future but for now bye-bye, to the games.


Hunger What? Lesson: #3

The MTV Movie Awards… The movies, the celebrities, the awards, and the Hunger Games Catching Fire teaser trailer. Yep it’s all their on MTV, Sunday Night at 8pm. MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by star of “Pitch PerfectRebel Wilson. Appearances by Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy, Seth Rogen and Kerry Washington. Performers including Selena Gomez, Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell and Emma Watson. I hope Jennifer Lawrence will be there too. I can’t wait until Nov. 22. If your haven’t read the series yet, start reading and read from the first book to third in order. (It would make plenty more sense.)


Watch the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday April 14 at 8pm.