Go get a one of three Samsung Galaxy phones right now! (If you like Jay-Z!!)

Samsung and Jay-Z have teamed up to giveaway Jay-Z’s new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” if you own the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy Note II. If you have one of these phones you can download an app of the Google Play Store. You have to be the first million to download the album on July 4 at 12:01, 72 hours before it official goes out!! That’s very exciting!

Only if I had a phone!!



English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry! I’ve been very busy at school and stuff. Also, my computer is messing up, so I’m writing this blog on my Wii U!!! I know it razy right!! ( Yes I mean razy) (^o^) (^o^)(^-^)(^o^)

I’ll try my best to blog from the Wii U, but I make no promises.