Nikon Ohi Factory

Nikon Ohi Factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this site! Yes, the page is my screen saver but it’s so cool! It tells history of this very exact day like today (July 25th) The first C-Section baby was born. At least that’s what I think… Anyway, you should use this site dude. Nikon is the but don’t type in on you computer. The police might think your terrorist. :O (FYI I copied that from my sister, THANKS, SIS!) So yea check it out just for ME! 🙂 If you do you win… A NEW SCREENSAVER FROM THIS LINK (AKA The link to the website, SEE I’ve gotten funny since the last blog!)



Enter Mcbarbie07 Summer Giveaway

Let’s get something straight….

The reason I haven’t been blogging on both blogs is because

A) My internet stopped working (But the internet guy just came to fix it!!)

B) Last week was my last week of school (So I hung out with friends)

C) I had an End of the Year Party on Saturday

Now I’m all yours for the summer! Well, most of the summer. In August we (as in my family) might be going to Africa so I’ll try my best to find some internet!!!

Now I’ll be blogging all the time yay!!!!

Are you Bored?? Post #3 (I think?)

Learn how to do a hand trick!

1. Cup Song! I love it! It took me an hour to finally get it.


2. Do some Diy Projects! (Like TYE DIE!)

This is my masterpiece that I made at school. I just rinsed it that's why it looks wet!

This is my masterpiece that I made at school. I just rinsed it that’s why it looks wet!

3. Watch some vid on Youtube. Here are some suggestions.

Dear Dumb Diary the movie

All kids boys & girls have been reading the book sires Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton about a girl names Jamie Kelly and her problem. The books are very good that’s why they are making a movie about the popular sires. Auditions are going on now and filming will start around  well now, and finish in June. Check the book series out and also the movie.