15 things everyine needs to know!!


Very important  stuff, dude!


WAY Overdue National’s Game Pic’s…

Sorry dudes I just got back from NYC and I didn’t take my tablet or the iPad so I couldn’t post. But, I made sure to take pictures for the blog. *NOTE: SOME PICTURES HAVE MY FAMILY AND I SO I CAN’T SHOW THOSE SORRY!


IMG_1279IMG_1277IMG_1280IMG_1287IMG_1292IMG_1300IMG_1311IMG_1313IMG_1325IMG_1327THE END!!!!!





I already knew this but I haven’t seen this video he is so good OMG!!! I can’t believe. OK, now I have a little more respect for JB now before I say this vid my respect was about 50/100. NOW, IT LIKE 95/100. Here’s the link to JB free styling 

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul Internati...

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia. Português: Justin Bieber no Sentul International Convention Center, Indonésia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Teen Beach Movie Live Chat…

If you’ve been dying all summer to watch Teen Beach Movie, or you just a big fan or Ross Lynch or Maia Mitchell, they are having a live chat July 20th and they with be answer your questions! Head over to the site now before times up! CLICK HERE, YES HERE!

New Blogs!!

As you know I have Writing In the Shower. Now I have two new blogs. My first I a safe blog twitter called My Twitterverse open to everyone under the age of 18. Finally A tween book review site called Tween Book Binder. I hope you guys can visit and I hope I can handle all four of my blogs! Bye!!


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Song of the week!

Get your free song of the week! Made in America by (America’s Favorite young group) Cimorelli! Get there new song for FREE here.


Don’t you remember “Boy meets World”?

English: This is the american Disney Channel l...

English: This is the american Disney Channel logo. Português: Este é o logotipo do canal estadunidense Disney Channel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boy Meets Girl Meets Boy Meets World: Waiting ...

Boy Meets Girl Meets Boy Meets World: Waiting for Topanga’s Bra to Fall (Photo credit: ssoosay)

Well, it’s happening again! Disney Channel will be starting a new series “Girls meets World”! They will be filming this summer and it will be coming out next year (Which is 2014, if you didn’t know) Corey and Topanga will be the parent of the shows main girl Riley Matthews. (Played by Rowan Blanchard) Riley’s best friend, Maya, will be played by Sabrina Carpenter. 

I won’t give the rest away just have to wait until 2014!!!

Just Dance 2014!

One Direction

One Direction (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)


Just Dance 2014 is the sequel to Just Dance 4. It will be coming on in October of this year. Better put it o your Christmas List!! The Just Dance Youtube page has been post mini videos of a couple dances. Some of the songs are Robbie WilliamsCandy“, One DirectionKiss You“, PSY “Gentlemen”, and Olly Murs ft. Flo RidaTroublemaker


This awesome song!!

Even though this song is like 5 years old! It was still a Billboards hit!! I like it because it has classical music with a big sprinkle of hip-hop and pop!!! The song is by Black Violin!