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Hola people of the world, do you like our new background? I know I do!!! I jut wanted to say thanks for all of you visitors and views who helped me get this site up and running! This new background was created by Thanks guys! All credit goes to them for making this design. I already know I can’t make a background like this but I can learn! I really like this design because it so NEON! I love neon, my fav is neon yellow and neon green! You guys have to check out DesignZZZ site… Dude, it’s like AMAZING!!!

UM.. I guess all to say is…


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Neon Chalk

I know this is going to sound lame, but do you still play with chalk? Now you can play in doors and out!


Chalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Chalk
  • Jug or big cup of water
  • Paper
  • Sidewalk or Driveway
  • Camera (Optional)


Indoor Neon Chalk

  1. Get your chalk, jug of water, paper, and camera (OPTIONAL) set out and figure out what you want to draw
  2. Get your first color out and dip the end in to the water jug
  3. Make the rest of the pictures the same way



Outdoor Neon Chalk

  1. Go outside on the side walk or driveway plan your drawing out
  2. Dip first color in to jug and apply on to sidewalk/driveway
  3. Repeat until finished with project

    The same color. But, the bottom one was put into water

    The same color. But, the bottom one was put into water