Bye-bye Hunger What? Lesson: #5


Mockingjay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Since this is our last “Hunger What?” post, I thought it would be nice to make it about the last book film adaptation.

Mockingjay the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy will be made in to a movie. The book will be split in to two parts. The first part will be released November 21, 2014. The second part will be released November 1, 2015.  It was confirmed that Francis Lawrence, the director of Catching fire will be directing again both parts of Mockingjay.

Casting call auditions are being held. The link for more info will be in the related articles sections.

This is goodbye to “Hunger What”. But, there will be more Hunger Games articles.

Bye-bye Hunger What


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Hunger What? Lesson: #2

The Hunger Games Catching Fire official website ( has posted a picture of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) hugging her sister Primrose Everdeen. (Willow Shields’) The picture is one of the many hidden pictures fans are unlocking by hash tagging #HungerGamesExplorer.

Will you unlock all the pictures?

Hunger Games Catching Fire will be in theaters November 22, 2013