My Last Two Days….


On Thursday, I went to King’s Dominion with my brother and sister (Plus their friends). We wen day we got their at like 11am and left at 8:30pm! It was So much fun dude. 🙂 


Then yesterday (July 26th) I we went to a Washington Nationals game in yes, the USA Capitol, Washington D.C. It was awesome we got dugout seats but no foul balls came at us. 😦 but it was fun. I’ll post pics later because I’m posting from the iPad so yep. Pics will be coming to theater soon. Lol 

Au-revoir *sniff* *sniff*


Hola/Chau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hola people of the world, do you like our new background? I know I do!!! I jut wanted to say thanks for all of you visitors and views who helped me get this site up and running! This new background was created by Thanks guys! All credit goes to them for making this design. I already know I can’t make a background like this but I can learn! I really like this design because it so NEON! I love neon, my fav is neon yellow and neon green! You guys have to check out DesignZZZ site… Dude, it’s like AMAZING!!!

UM.. I guess all to say is…


Do you like?…


HAHA! Pictures that will make you LOL…

This is what I say on the first day of school…

*NOTE: If you cannot see the picture click on the link and you will start to laugh, at least that’s what I hope

Snoop is Lion



“Mommy, I’m scared!”

The 30 Best Mashups of 2013 (So Far)

The 30 Best Mashups of 2013 (So Far). I actually downloaded a lot of mashups last week and that’s all I’ve been listening to! I hope like this! OH… Thanks Too Good for Radio, you guys make my music life easier, WAY easier…

Nikon Ohi Factory

Nikon Ohi Factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this site! Yes, the page is my screen saver but it’s so cool! It tells history of this very exact day like today (July 25th) The first C-Section baby was born. At least that’s what I think… Anyway, you should use this site dude. Nikon is the but don’t type in on you computer. The police might think your terrorist. :O (FYI I copied that from my sister, THANKS, SIS!) So yea check it out just for ME! 🙂 If you do you win… A NEW SCREENSAVER FROM THIS LINK (AKA The link to the website, SEE I’ve gotten funny since the last blog!)


Teen Beach Movie Live Chat…

If you’ve been dying all summer to watch Teen Beach Movie, or you just a big fan or Ross Lynch or Maia Mitchell, they are having a live chat July 20th and they with be answer your questions! Head over to the site now before times up! CLICK HERE, YES HERE!

July 11

It’s 7/11! Head to your local 7-eleven to get a free small slurped between the hours of 11am to 11pm. And this is our 99th post! Give us ideas in the comment centa boon what we can post! Thanks!!

New Blogs!!

As you know I have Writing In the Shower. Now I have two new blogs. My first I a safe blog twitter called My Twitterverse open to everyone under the age of 18. Finally A tween book review site called Tween Book Binder. I hope you guys can visit and I hope I can handle all four of my blogs! Bye!!

Things to hashtag (#) right now*….

#Messiandfriends (Soccer)

#OneDirectionChangedOurLives (1D’s)

#SurprisinglyGood ( Soda Lovers ) 😛




#Twitterverse **

*Even though I’m not allowed to have a Twitter, **this blog is my Twitterverse!!