Lich Loons



Two Words: Lich Loons. I know, it sound very weird. But, that’s the point!! We are a very weird group with wacky idea’s that pop up every flippin’ second! I bet you can figure out why we made this blog. I make you as wacky as us!! I know your wondering what Lich Loons means. LOON means well moron. We know it sound bad, but LICH doesn’t have a real meaning so in our words it means cool. So basically Lich Loons means Cool Moron. So now, you’re a COOL MORON!! How awesome do you feel right now!!!!?!?!?!

Make sure is your want to be the awesomest cool moron you check this blog every single day!!! Tell your friends so more of us cool morons will come together on this blog and our website. Dang Nab it!!  We forgot to tell you, we have a website called Tween Fun Zone (TFZ) make sure you visit the site too!!!




2 comments on “Lich Loons

  1. Hi Lich Loons–thanks for introducing yourselves by following our site. Yours is well, wacky…but in a good way! Glad to see some old friends like Toemail! If you’re facebook users, which I’m sure you are, please visit and like the RAXA Collective page. See you there!

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