Meyer Lemon: Citrus Salt, Simple Syrup, Powdered Pectin & Scrub

so using for this summer for some $$$$$$

meyer-salt-syrup-scrubSo you say the pantry is already stocked with more marmalade than you can eat in a year (or two? or three? Ahem.) You’ve made lemon pasta (twice!), lemon lentil salad, boozy lemon bars, lemon curd shortcake, and lots of lemony margaritas? The craziness of Spring: visiting friends, impending work deadlines, and mandatory weeknight campfires is upon you? But still, you have this big pile of gorgeous California citrus to enjoy? Well, my friends: I’m here to help.

Dispatch a dozen lovely Meyer lemons quicker than you can say “Salt, rocks, please.” Zest ’em all and whip up some fab citrus salt. Juice the zested beauties for Impromptu Margarita Party Meyer lemon syrup. Then, in the ultimate waste-not-want-not maneuver, dry and grind the zested peels for pectin & scouring scrub. Hey presto! Meyer lemon goodness to enjoy throughout the year…

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