Are You Bored #4?!?!? Free 17min Listen to Ghost Buddy Book 3!!

Ghost Buddy Books 3


Are you Bored?? Post #3 (I think?)

Learn how to do a hand trick!

1. Cup Song! I love it! It took me an hour to finally get it.


2. Do some Diy Projects! (Like TYE DIE!)

This is my masterpiece that I made at school. I just rinsed it that's why it looks wet!

This is my masterpiece that I made at school. I just rinsed it that’s why it looks wet!

3. Watch some vid on Youtube. Here are some suggestions.

Are You Bored?!? Memorial Day Edition

I know, I know. “It’s Memorial Day Weekend and these nothing to do!” I said the same thing then I started to have a great time.

OK, This is only if you have friends around you.

  1. Call up your friends and see what they’re doing. Ask if they are going to or having a cook out. If they’re not doing either ask them if they want to have a cookout of get together!

This is for both.

  1. Go to the dollar store and buy crossword puzzles, word searches, movies, candy & sweets. If your on a diet get some fruits and veggies with some ranch or get a salad. (If you have friends, Get a couple movies and popcorn and just get crazy!)
  2.  Take apart something that doesn’t work or try to build your own object. It might just become famous!
  3. Rearrange your room or house. Get some friends together to paint or have a fun day or just let loose.
  4. Get outside and sleep in a tent ride your bike or scooter everywhere you go (If your a child/TWEEN ask your parents)
  5. GET CRAZY!!!

This Apple-1 is the Most Expensive Apple Computer Ever



$671,400. It seems like rather a lot of money for any personal computer — and especially for one that is too out of date to run the latest software.

Except that the computer in question is an Apple-1, the bare-bones machine that Steve Wozniak designed and Steve Jobs marketed in 1976, shortly before they devised the groundbreaking and wildly popular Apple II. As the New York Times’ Steve Lohr reports, an auction house in Cologne, Germany, sold it today to an anonymous entrepreneur from the Far East.

The Apple-1 is a rare computer, no doubt: Wozniak and Jobs sold only a few hundred of them at most in the first place, at the famous list price of $666.66. But when I wrote an article on collectible PCs in 2007, the going rate for an Apple-1 was a relatively affordable $15,000 to $25,000. It’ll be interesting to see if…

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