Tell Silly Stories Together With Skit

so trying this!


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If  Skit had existed in the early 1970s, there is a chance that the career of Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam could have been stunted, because Skit can produce videos reminiscent of the aforementioned great one’s seminal work. And that example is what comes to mind as the easiest way to describe how this TechCrunch Disrupt NY Startup Alley participant’s new app works and looks.

Skit is an iOS app that allows you to import images from your mobile device,  social network, or elsewhere on the Internet and string them together into fun little animated cut-out movies that you can share and export back to the social network.

It is different from other web-based concepts out there, like JibJab, in that once you create your first video, you can share the “author-able” source file back and forth with your friends. That source file can be re-edited and re-posted…

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